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Loading Products

Acenda makes uploading and maintaining supplier/vendor on-boarding easy with our bulk-uploading system and centralized taxonomy. In addition, Acenda supports EDI, XML, API's and a variety of feed options for convenient integration and management.

Merchandising & Marketing

Acenda provides each of your vendors with an easy to use web portal. Your vendors can upload products, edit images, modify product descriptions, and coordinate promotion on a self-service model. There are helpful instructional videos built into the portal so you can spend less time managing your vendors and more time selling their merchandise!

Tracking Vendor Performance

Acenda streamlines the supply chain with automated enforcement of your drop-ship policy. Set guidelines for performance tracking measures (KPI's) and police vendor performance. We work with you to determine the most effective way to grow and develop a sustainable drop-ship business.

Accounting & Reporting

Acenda has a built-in accounting system for paying your drop-ship vendors. Track debits and credits in real-time so that every payment is precise. Use our convenient ACH payment system to eliminate paper-checks and make large batch settlements quick and easy. Reports can be customized to support your specific needs.

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